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Mixable Invisible Needle Technology (MINT    )


A brilliant drug delivery solution
World’s first. Super fast. Super effective
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Microneedle has a long history dated back in 1890, however all conventional microneedle have the form of large array of micro needles for example microneedle patch, microneedle roller, microneedle stamp, microneedle device, etc. These conventional microneedles could not be mixed with any formulation and the needles are quite visible to the naked eyes which make them scary for those who have needle phobia.

For the first time, by utilizing biomimicking and precision fabrication principle, we have invented the next generation microneedle technology: mixable invisible needle technology (MINT) which allow combination of microneedle with micro particle to form tiny microneedle particle, i.e. microbee, featuring mixable capability and high efficacy. These new microneedle particles give rise to new features of microneedle: mixable and invisible capability, thus open up a whole new dimension of application for microneedle.


Nusmetics has over 10 years research in microneedle technology focusing on various microneedle platforms including microneedle patch, dissolving and non-dissolving microneedles, hollow microneedles, polymeric microneedles, microneedle particles, microneedle devices, and many others.

We offer microneedle customization, testing and microneedle device prototyping for various applications including skin care, drug delivery, micro-injection, biosensing, biosampling, etc.

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Drug Delivery
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At Nusmetics, we specialize in the field of drug delivery, offering cutting-edge solutions that have been honed through years of dedicated research and development. Our expertise lies in the creation and manipulation of various types of micro and nano carriers or structures, encompassing both inorganic and organic materials.

Our extensive knowledge in controlling the shape, structure, morphology, and properties of particles or drug carriers, encompassing techniques related to nucleation & crystallization, biomineralization, biomimicking, and self-assembly processes allow us to successfully develop diverse nano/micro structures ranging from amorphous spheres, nano/micro spheres, plate-like or rod-like particles, core-shell particles, liposomes, nanocrystals, bioinspired structures, etc.

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3D Printing

Nusmetics has been working on 3D printing for over 6 years, we specialize in SLA, DFM, DLP and bio 3D printers, offering innovative solutions for various 3D printing applications in micropatterning, microneedle, drug delivery, medical device, microfluidics, tissue engineering, biomimicking, etc.

Our extensive knowledge in high resolution printing (5-25 µm), microfabrication, micro/nano-technology, biomimicking allow us to successfully develop: 

  1. Bone mimetic structures, 

  2. Various microneedle platforms ranging from microneedle patch, microneedle device, hollow microneedle,

  3. Complicated facial masks.

(Publications & Patents)

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Innovation Centers
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NUSMETICS is a deep-tech company incubated under the National University of Singapore (NUS), Graduate Research Innovation Program (GRIP) and NUS Enterprise. We are proud to be part of NUS Startup Ecosystem with extensive support in terms of Hardware & Prototyping Lab, fund raising opportunities; connections to key opinion leaders, potential customers and manufacturing partners. Nusmetics was also funded by National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC) for a Proof of Concept (POC) grant on new drug development using 3D printing, and currently one of NAMIC funded Startup portfolios.

Thanks to Singapore Polytechnic (SP) & Consumer Chemicals Technology Centre (CCTC) support, we are able to build co-located lab at CCTC and have access to state-of-the art formulation, characterisation and testing lab which allow us to strengthen our R&D and broaden our network to various partners in personal care and health care.

Nusmetics has also built its own innovation center located at E-Centre@Redhill to further strengthen its R&D, prototyping, and manufacturing capability.  

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