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The Road to a More Beautiful & Healthier Humankind and Sustainable Earth

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NUSMETICS is a Singapore-registered company specialised in advanced materials, novel delivery systems and innovative diagnostic platforms for skin and healthcare solutions. Founded in 2019 by two scientists from National University of Singapore, Dr. NGUYEN DUC VIET and Dr. HIMANSHU KATHURIA, NUSMETICS has been empowered by youthful passion, vigorous scientific backgrounds, and strong IP portfolios. Driven by innovation and excellence, we bring the best solutions to our valued customers.


Over 10 years at NUS, we have been constantly searching for new delivery platforms which are safe, easy to use, and effective yet environmentally friendly. These features often compromise each other and therefore are difficult to achieve on a single platform. However, we have come up with a brilliant solution to bring all these features together in a unique delivery platform: microbee       – a particle with spikes on its surface resembling durian structure at microscale. Microbees can be mixed and used with current skin and health care products to increase their skin absorption up to 10,000 times, thus tremendously enhance their efficacy in a very simple way: 

  • Just mix and use

  • Less dose formulation

  • No need chemical enhancers

  • No need complicated formulation

These features greatly reduce the use of all active compounds and other harmful chemicals in cosmetic industry, hence simplify the formulation process​ toward higher efficacy, more beautiful & healthier humankind and sustainable earth.


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Our Team

Nguyen Duc Viet.png

Nguyen Duc Viet


PhD, 10 years of research in nano/micro fabrication &  functional materials


Himanshu Kathuria


PhD, 7 years of research in Cosmeceutical & Pharmaceutical Formulation

Dr Kang.JPG

Kang Lifeng

Scientific Advisor

PhD, 17 years of experience in skin delivery

David Sher.jpeg

David Sher

Business Advisor

GRIP Venture Development Manager

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-16 at 12.02.08 AM.jpeg

Le Nghiem

Scientific Business Advisor

MSc, Strategic research & business development  

About Us: Team
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