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Microbee when applied on skin with active compounds can increase their skin absorption up to 10,000 times thus tremendously enhance their efficacy.

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Focused on Innovation & Excellence

NUSMETICS simplify cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical formulation process for high efficacy, safety and ease of use. We provide excellent delivery platforms for cosmetic and pharmaceutic industry to enhance their product efficacy in an extremely simple way:

  • Just mix and use

  • Less dose formulation

  • No need chemical enhancers

  • No need complicated formulation

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Empowered by Robust Science

The protective outer layers of human skin naturally prevent the absorption of active ingredients, thus render most skin care products low efficacious. Current solutions to enhance skin absorption rely on chemical enhancers, high dose & complicated formulation which cause huge waste, irritation, and cost ineffectiveness.

NUSMETICS' innovative delivery platform, microbee        with spikes of tailored depth and size, is designed to bypass the outermost layer of skin by opening up momentary, self sealing, micro sized channels on the skin surface. Upon application, active ingredients in skin care products readily get absorbed into the skin through such channels to truly nourish beauty from within. 


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