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A simple yet brilliant solution to more effective skincare

A single delivery platform featuring safety, high efficacy and ease of use is elusive because these features often compromise each other. At NUSMETICS, we are able to bring all these features to a simple yet brilliant platform: microbee – A particle with spikes on its surface resembling durian structure at microscale. Microbee can be mixed and used with current skin and health care products to increase their skin absorption up to 10,000 times, thus tremendously enhance their efficacy in a very simple way: just mix and use. 


With this microbee platform, we simplify the formulation process for safety, high efficacy and ease of use: less dose formulation, no need chemical enhancers and complicated formulation. Microbee can be customised in bee and spike size, with or without active for various applications from cosmetics, therapeutics, mesotherapy to medical applications.

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Products & Services: Image
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