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Our Services in a Nutshell  
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Accelerating Idea 
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Accelerating Idea Commercialization

A to Z Prototyping - A Pathway to Accelerated Commercialization

Time is of the essence when it comes to bringing innovations to market. By harnessing our expertise, facilities, and capabilities, we have streamlined and accelerated the innovation process. What once took years to achieve can now be accomplished in a matter of months, weeks, or even days. Our streamlined approach empowers our customers to swiftly progress from an idea to a working prototype, then laboratory validation, to successful commercialization.

Validating the commercial feasibility of an idea is a complex undertaking. Our approach involves market validation, identifying the ideal product-market fit, and assessing the viability of manufacturing and scaling up. These exercises are designed to ensure that your idea has the potential to succeed in the market, saving you valuable time and resources in the long run.

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Comprehensive Expertise and Support


Our team at Nusmetics possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience across diverse disciplines. From nano/micro fabrication to cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical formulation, from drug delivery to medical devices, and from translational research to conducting clinical trials, we offer comprehensive support at every stage of the innovation & commercialization journey. We provide the necessary guidance, expertise, and resources to ensure that your ideas not only become reality but also be able to thrive in the marketplace.

Innovation Centers for Rapid Prototyping

To expedite the realisation of innovative concepts and ideas, we have established state-of -the-art Innovation Centers. These cutting edge facilities serve as hubs for accelerating the journey from initial conceptualisation to design thinking, from idea generation to the creation of working & functional prototype, and ultimately from lab bench to manufacturing and commercialisation. By leveraging on our Innovation Centers, our clients can rapidly assess the feasibility and commercial viability of their concepts or ideas.

Contact us today to discover how our capabilities can help you transform your ideas into successful commercial ventures in record time.

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Nusmetics has over 10 years research in microneedle technology focusing on various microneedle platforms including microneedle patch, dissolving and non-dissolving microneedles, hollow microneedles, polymeric microneedles, microneedle particles, microneedle devices, and many others.

We offer microneedle customization, testing and microneedle device prototyping for various applications including skin care, drug delivery, micro-injection, biosensing, biosampling, etc.

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Drug Delivery

At Nusmetics, we specialize in the field of drug delivery, offering cutting-edge solutions that have been honed through years of dedicated research and development. Our expertise lies in the creation and manipulation of various types of micro and nano carriers or structures, encompassing both inorganic and organic materials.

Our extensive knowledge in controlling the shape, structure, morphology, and properties of particles or drug carriers, encompassing techniques related to nucleation & crystallization, biomineralization, biomimicking, and self-assembly processes allow us to successfully develop diverse nano/micro structures ranging from amorphous spheres, nano/micro spheres, plate-like or rod-like particles, core-shell particles, liposomes, nanocrystals, bioinspired structures, etc. 

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3D Printing
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Nusmetics has been working on 3D printing for over 6 years, we specialize in SLA, DFM, DLP and bio 3D printers, offering innovative solutions for various 3D printing applications in micropatterning, microneedle, drug delivery, medical device, microfluidics, tissue engineering, biomimicking, etc.

Our extensive knowledge in high resolution printing (5-25 µm), microfabrication, micro/nano-technology, biomimicking allow us to successfully develop:

  1. Bone mimetic structures, 

  2. Various microneedle platforms ranging from microneedle patch, microneedle device, hollow microneedle,

  3. Complicated facial masks.

(Publications & Patents)

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